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Welcome to Staniel Cay

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with transportation during your stay on the island. Staniel Cay Golf Cart Rentals was started by island natives, Carlos and Desiree Rolle, when they found the need and importance for tourists to have access to reliable transportation during their stay.

You’ll find that the service you receive from Staniel Cay Golf Cart Rentals is like no other as it is a family-run business. In fact, you will find your golf cart at Staniel Cay’s local bread bakery which is ran by Carlos’ mother, Rhonda. The Rolle family has Bahamian heritage that originates from the time of the Loyalists and is known widely throughout all of the Bahamas. You will quickly learn that Carlos and Desiree are well known and respected on Staniel Cay and throughout the Bahamas. The quality of the personalized service that you will receive from Carlos and Desiree is the core value of Staniel Cay Golf Carts.

Staniel Cay Golf Cart Rentals also offers more than just golf cart transportation for you to explore the island and is pleased to provide you with a comfortable beach cruiser bicycle as an alternative means of transportation. And for the really adventurous and those that want to explore the underwater world of Staniel Cay you will want to be sure to pick up your snorkel gear, too!

Now that you have your golf cart, bicycle, or snorkel gear you will want to be sure to check out the things to do tab so that we may guide you to the island’s best attractions. Thanks again for allowing Carlos and Desiree the opportunity to provide you with the best service during your stay at Staniel Cay.