Things to Do



Rent Your Golf Cart/Bicycle/Snorkel Gear

If you haven’t rented your golf cart, bicycle, or snorkel gear yet you will want to be sure and do so!  That’s first on the list of things to do at Staniel Cay.  You have likely arrived by boat or plane and will need some direction.  The roads don’t have names, so we give direction by landmarks!  If you have arrived through Staniel Cay Yacht Club you can get to us by turning right (south) as you leave the Yacht Club and then hanging a left (east) at the second road.  You will be looking right at your carts.  Remember, the island is small and we offer you a map, so you won’t get lost.  If you have arrived by plane you can get to your cart by heading south from the airstrip, follow the curve around to your right (west) and then hang a right (north) on the second road.  You’ll be looking right at your cart.

If you would like to arrange for us to pick you up in your golf cart at your place of arrival we are happy to do so!  Please make arrangements in advance!


Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Staniel Cay Yacht Club is home to the island’s largest marina and BEST restaurant.  It is likely that you are arriving by boat when coming to Staniel Cay and will be docking at SCYC.  You will be greeted by some of the friendliest and most professional staff before you ever step foot ashore.  You will want to be sure and make a reservation for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three as the food at SCYC is well above 5-star quality.  Fresh and local fare is always served with the remaining ingredients flown in daily from the United States.  It is certain that the lobster or fish that you have chosen as your main course have just come fresh from the ocean.  You will also want to check out the gift shop at SCYC and be sure to spend some time getting to know the locals as you enjoy a cocktail at the bar.


Homemade Bread

If you are wondering how bread and golf carts go together, just trust us, they do!  Carlos, the owner of Staniel Cay Golf Carts, mother is well-known throughout the islands for her homemade bread.  Many sailors and travelers will go to Staniel Cay just to pick up a loaf or two of this very delicious bread.  It just so happens that the place you are picking up your golf cart, bicycle, or snorkel gear is the same place you will go to pick up your bread.  You won’t want to miss out and be sure to try all of the different options she has available.  Just ask for Rhonda!


Thunderball Grotto

Ok!  The Grotto is our absolute favorite!  If you don’t do anything else while at Staniel Cay you must take a trip to the Grotto with Salty.  The Thunderball Grotto is well known as a Hollywood filming location for the James Bond movie, Thunderball.  Here, you will find some of the most awe-inspiring snorkeling and cave diving in the entire Bahamas.  The Grotto is home to a wide variety of colorful, hard corals and many beautiful tropical fish.  On occasion, you will see a nurse shark or two resting at the bottom of the cave.  Be sure to take some bread with you as the fish love to be fed and don’t forget your underwater camera and/or go pro!  If you can’t tell, we love the Grotto!


Compass Cay Marina and Resort-Swim with the Sharks, Eat, Sleep and Explore

Compass Cay Marina is one of our favorites, too!  Perhaps, what makes Compass one of our favorites are the people there.  While there are only about 3-5 residents on island at any given time it is those few that will make you want to come back time and again.  In fact, you won’t want to leave.  Germal and Loan are certain to put a smile on your face, while Tucker is certain to offer some good conversation as you enjoy a famous Tucker Burger and swim the sharks.  Yes!  Swim with the sharks!  There are about 18 nurse sharks that come when called, like to be fed, and love to be pet.  While you are at Compass you will want to be sure to explore the island in its entirety as the trails and views are absolutely breath taking.  Compass Cay is also home to a marina that can accommodate vessels up to 180′ so you are certain to see a mega yacht or two while you are there. Click here for Compass Cay website


Swimming Pigs at Pig Beach

Ok!  Our other favorite!  Who doesn’t want to swim with the pigs while on vacation in the Bahamas.  Pig Beach at Big Majors Cay is home to quite a few pigs that can’t wait on you to bring a snack and something to drink-for them, of course.  So, if you have packed a lunch for yourself be sure that you have packed enough for the pigs, too.  As you approach the island the pigs will swim out to greet you and as you go ashore they are certain to come see what you brought for them.  Don’t worry, they are friendly and will stand with their mouths wide open waiting for you to place their snack right in and water to wash it down!  Be certain to be respectful of their space-don’t leave trash on the island as they will eat everything and plastic leaves for a belly ache.  Also bear in mind that they are animals and while they won’t hurt you, please be sure to respect and listen to what they tell you-if they squeal leave them be!


Pirate Trap Beach

You will certainly want to spend some time at the beaches of Staniel Cay and Pirate Trap Beach is one of the prettiest.  This is one of our preferred snorkeling spots, so be sure to take your snorkel gear along with you so that you can enjoy the underside of Staniel Cay, too.  Pirate Trap Beach is located at the North end of the island and is accessible by golf cart, bicycle, or a short walk.  We do ask that you not take the carts onto the beach.  You can park your cart just outside of the path entrance to the beach.


Pete’s Beach aka Ho Tai Cay

Some call it Pete’s Beach and some call it Ho Toi Cay.  It is pronounced hi-tow-key when speaking to a local, but if you’re speaking to anyone else you will hear several different pronunciations and are certain to get a good laugh when trying to talk about it.  You will find this beach south east of the airstrip and it is perfect for a family picnic.  Be sure to pack a lunch and plan to stay for a while at this beach as there is plenty of shade and sun, picnic tables, and shallow water depths for the kids to play.


Ocean Beach

Located along the East side of the island is where you will find the longest span of beach at Staniel Cay.  Ocean beach is along the ocean side, hence the name Ocean Beach.  This beach is accessible by golf cart, bicycle, or a short walk.  At the northern end of the beach is where you will find access to the beach and parking for your golf cart.  As with any of the beaches at Staniel Cay, we ask that you not take the golf carts onto the beach.  Be sure to take your snorkel gear with you so that you able to enjoy the sea life that thrives on the ocean side of the island.


North Ridge Trail

If you are up for hike then the North Ridge Trail is a must do.  Just as the name indicates, it is located at the northern end of the island.  You can get there by golf cart, biking, or walking, but be sure not to take the golf carts on this trail.  The views are spectacular from the trail and there is plenty of exploring to do on this hike.  As you stand atop of the ridge you will to be sure to take a moment to enjoy the raw beauty of the island and the spectacular view of the ocean side.


Taste and Sea Cafe

Yummy!  If you are looking for lunch or dinner while you are here this is the perfect spot.  It is situated on the beach where you can enjoy your meal with a spectacular view and is just a short walk from Staniel Cay Yacht Club.  The restaurant, which also has a bar, is open from Tuesday thru Sunday.  The cuisine is local, so if you are looking to try traditional Bahamian cuisine this is the place to be!


Big Dog’s Restaurant and Bar

One might describe Big Dog’s as a sports bar and you are certain to bump into a local or two while you are there.  Conveniently open everyday and just a short walk from Staniel Cay Yacht Club.  If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cold beverage and good conversation this is the place to be.


Isles General Store/Pink Store/Blue Store

There are 3 stores on the island in which you can shop for provisions and supplies.  Isles General Store has almost anything that you may need while on island ranging from food stuffs to boating, electrical, hardware, and plumbing supplies.  Quoted by a local, “if you can’t find it at Isles you won’t find it anywhere on the island.”  Supplies are most plentiful at each store shortly after the mailboat has arrived.  Both, the Blue and Pink Stores have a variety of food stuffs and household supplies.  You can arrange for your laundry to be done at the Blue Store as well.  You’ll find the store attendants very willing to help, so if you don’t find what you need, just ask, they are happy to help!


Club Thunderball

Club Thunderball was the happenin’ spot during its time, but for now it’s just a site to see and offers a spectacular view as it sits atop a hill towards the North end of the island.  Be sure to check out the mural on the wall and take a selfie while you are there.  The club offers you the opportunity to get a good walk in to enjoy the scenery on Staniel Cay.