Snorkel Gear Rentals


Snorkel Gear

Half Day Rental: $18  |   Full Day Rental: $28

Staniel Cay is home to some of the Bahama’s most awe-inspiring snorkeling and underwater cave diving. Directly off of the shore at Ocean Beach and Pete Trap you can wade into a perfect depth for snorkelers to see a vast array of beautiful, colorful hard corals and stunning tropical fish. While you are visiting the island it is also an absolute must to make a trip to the Thunderball Grotto. The Grotto is famous for being featured in several Hollywood films, namely the James Bond film, Thunderball. The Grotto is just west of the island and will require a short boat ride. Be sure to make arrangements with Salty for your transport to the Grotto as you collect your snorkel gear.

We offer high quality snorkel gear that is conveniently contained in a tote for easy carry to and from the beach. Each tote contains a snorkel, mask, and fins. As snorkels are one size fits all our masks are available in child and adult sizes along with flippers that range in size from XS to XXL.

Snorkeling 101

  • Snorkel with a buddy-Snorkeling with a buddy is always a good idea. It’s safer and simply more fun sharing the experience with a buddy!
  • Don’t smile-Yes, that’s right, we said don’t smile while you are snorkeling. The smile lines on your face will break the seal between the mask and your face allowing water to get inside of your mask. Be sure to have fun, just don’t smile.
  • Respect the coral and sea life-Remember that coral is live and touching it or stepping on it can harm or kill it.
  • Stay close-Be sure to take a look around every so often to make sure that you haven’t swam too far from shore. It’s best to stay within 50 yards of the nearest beach or shoreline.
  • Have fun-Most importantly, and we are sure that you will, enjoy yourself! Should you need assistance at any time or have a question please be sure to contact Salty as he is always happy to help.